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Syar Foundation Donates $50,000 to Joint Replacement Program

Sutter Solano Charitable Foundation (SSCF) reaches its goal of $500,000 to expand the joint replacement program at SSMC with a closing gift of $50,000 from the Syar Foundation.

"The Board and I were thrilled with the opportunity to be the last piece of the fundraising puzzle for the Sutter Solano Medical Center's two-year capital campaign for their Joint Replacement Program," says Susan Syar, President of the Syar Board of Directors. "Quality hospitals like Sutter Solano Medical Center are key components in keeping our communities healthy, and we know our gift will provide real and significant benefits to the communities of Napa and Solano Counties. We think that C.M. Syar would be proud that his legacy will help so many joint-replacement patients maintain healthy, active lives."

Providing comprehensive and integrated care from diagnosis through rehabilitation, the SSMC Joint Replacement Program offers free classes in which patients learn about treatment and care plans prior to surgery. The classes not only help educate patients, but also give them confidence in the equipment, the surgeons, the nurses, the orthopedic therapists, and the rest of the medical staff.

The SSMC Joint Replacement Program is now treating more and more young people who come with severe physical injuries as well as an increasing number of older patients requiring joint replacement. Those seeking help come not only from Solano and Napa Counties, but also surrounding areas.

"With the help of community-oriented partners like the Syar Foundation, the campaign to enlarge the capabilities of the SSMC Joint Replacement Progam proved to be one of the most successful in the history of SSCF demonstrating once again the vital role community support has in sustaining the best in health care," says Frank Malifrando, Executive Director of SSCF.

Charitable Giving
For more information about charitable giving opportunities, please contact Frank Malifrando at or
(707) 554-5094.

Sy Neilson, spokesperson, (707) 428-2763.

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